BI Theory #1: An introduction to the changing world of self-service BI

New beginnings

Hi everyone.

It seems like the best way to start a blog is with an introduction, but instead of boring you with my life’s details let’s just jump straight into it.

Asset 18.png

The gist is that I’ve decided to start this blog about business intelligence and analytics in the hope that I can share some of the tools, tips, and tricks that I’ve picked up on my journey to becoming a better analyst.

Starting a blog always comes with some trepidation – the fear that not only will you lack the stamina to continue with what you’ve started, but also that it’ll be public for the world to see! Hopefully this blog marks the beginning of a great journey… but for now you’ll just have to settle with some thoughts on why I think the analytics industry is in for a shake-up. Continue reading “BI Theory #1: An introduction to the changing world of self-service BI”