How to automate (Azure) Analysis Services processing from a remote PC

A local SQL Server agent is unable to easily execute process commands against a remote Azure Analysis Services instance. This post details how to overcome this difficulty while also not having server administration rights.

The increasing security requirements of a growing data model

This post details what options you have for adding security into your growing data model.

Why Azure Analysis Services is a great value proposition

Azure Analysis Services continues to provide excellent value for money while maintaining strong administration controls and source control capability.

BI Theory #7: Multidimensional vs Tabular

In this post, I’m going to do a quick comparison between multidimensional and tabular data models, and hopefully give you some intuition about why they have the features that they do.

BI Theory #6: Analytical Databases

In this post, I'll outline why you don't necessarily want to build your analysis on top of a transactional database, and instead why you'd be better off using (or building!) an analytical database.

BI Theory #5: What are databases?

A database stores and organizes digital information. The way data is organized within the database allows it to be specialized for different scenarios. This results in different types of databases.