BI Theory #5: What are databases?

A database stores and organizes digital information. The way data is organized within the database allows it to be specialized for different scenarios. This results in different types of databases.

BI Theory #4: Where to get Power Query and Power Pivot

Now that you know the basic idea behind Power Query and Power Pivot it is time to start downloading them!

BI Theory #3: PQFL (“M”) vs DAX

In this post I hope to give a brief comparison of M (formerly "PQFL") and DAX.

BI Theory #2: The Microsoft Self-Service BI Toolset

It’s time to meet the new tools! If you missed the introduction explaining why you might want to use these tools, check out my last post.

BI Theory #1: An introduction to the changing world of self-service BI

It seems like the best way to start a blog is with an introduction, but instead of boring you with my life’s details let’s just jump straight into it.